Our country name should be “Bharat” but not “India”

We who ourselves call as “Indians” used to live in a country which had name “Bharat”. “Bharat” was named after a great ancestral King.

The Foreigners and merchants who used to visit “Bharat”, started to reference us as “Indians” or “Hindustanis”. That somehow made to forget our own original name and call our country as “India” or “Hindustan”. The Irony is that even after we got Independence from British, the name “India” was declared as official but not “Bharat”. (Wow)

Our country was referenced as “India” because it was a country with Indus river in it. Indians – “people who live near Indus river”. These reference was given to us by foreigners (I don’t know exactly who, and I don’t care).

Seeing this, I remembered a funny movie scene (from local movie here), where a comedian was referred as “Husband of Radha” by all people in his colony. In climax, a guy begs him to tell his name. The comedian forgets and says “My name is Husband of Radha”.

I would like to give another example, lets say there is a man with a name “Mike”. Mike is working as a Fireman. People around him know him very well with his work but not with his name. So, for reference in some conversation, they call him as “Fireman”. By calling with this reference, every person will know exactly to who they are addressing. Hence, he get popular with the name as “Fireman”.  But would he rename himself as “Fireman” instead of “Mike”? or start saying “Please call me Fireman”? Ofcourse, he will tell others to call him as Mike but not fireman. It is okay if others are calling him fireman but it looks not okay to me if he also start calling himself as Fireman.

This is what exactly happening with us. Please call ourselves as “Bhartiya” and call our country as “Bharat”.

Please share your thoughts.